PAPSILENT for laminate, parquet and PVC
for laminate
and parquet
€ / m2
The heavy-duty sound insulation for floating installation laminate and wooden flooring with 1200 g/m2 surface weight and maximum walking noise insulation.
46,40 €
Per share à 10 m2
= 4,64 €/m2
Better than conventional insulation underlays
  • An all-round green product
  • Thermally conductive
  • Substantially reduces energy consumption and the heating time of the underfloor heating
  • 100 % recyclable and almost CO2-neutral
  • Extremely easy to lay and highly flexible
  • Moisture retardant
Product finder
The Ruhestifter (German: peacemakers) provide you with six products for optimal impact and walking noise insulation below laminates, parquet and click-PVC flooring. With this product overview, you will quickly and safely find the right insulation underlay for your purpose:

You can also download the detailed product comparison as a PDF:

  for Parquet, Laminate X X X X X X
  for clicked PVC X
Weight 1,2 kg/m2 2,4 kg/m2 2,4 kg/m2 0,23 kg/m2 0,23 kg/m2 0,1 kg/m2
Thickness 0,7 mm 1,4 mm 1,4 mm 2,0 mm 2,0 mm 1,0 mm
Density 1,7 g/cm3 1,7 g/cm3 1,7 g/cm3 0,1 g/cm3 0,1 g/cm3 0,1 g/cm3
Improvement in
walking sound
(IHD-Std W431/
DIN 45631)
at least 34% at least 34% at least 34% at least 27% at least 32% 32%
under laminate
Improvement in
foorfall sound
(DIN/EN/ISO 140/717)
Lw 19 dB Lw 21 dB Lw 21 dB Lw 20 dB Lw 22 dB 19 dB
under clicked PVC
Water vapiur
(DIN EN ISO 12572)
Sd > 70 m Sd > 100 m Sd > 200 m not specified Sd > 100 m not specified
Thermal resistance
smaller = better
0,004 m2·K/W 0,006 m2·K/W 0,004 m2·K/W 0,039 m2·K/W 0,041 m2·K/W 0,0216 m2·K/W
Thermal conductivity
bigger = better
0,23 W/m·K 0,26 W/m·K 0,37 W/m·K 0,046 W/m·K 0,049 W/m·K not specified
  Price per m2 4,64 € 6,43 € 7,08 € 5,55 € 6,51 € 6,19 €
Heavy-duty material
PAPSILENT1200BASIC distinguishes itself by its heavy-duty and dense material. As a result, this insulation underlay is especially easy to lay. Furthermore, it has an extremely high compressive stability. This compressive stability has an effect on the lifespan of the upper flooring, especially in the sensitive tongue and groove or click areas. Furthermore, the high density ensures optimum thermal conductivity which – in combination with a hydraulic underfloor heating – provides an energy-saving effect.
34% less walking noise
Walking noise is the noise which annoys me!
PAPSILENT1200BASIC reduces disturbing sounds in a room by more than a third. Room noise, also known as walking, emission, resonance or reflection noise, is the noise which is created through walking in a room. Walking noise is an important issue in all flats with floating installation floorings! Many impact noise-insulating underlays common on the market do not have a walking noise reducing effect, and in part they even amplify walking noise.
19 dB less impact noise
Impact noise is the noise which annoys my neighbours!
PAPSILENT1200BASIC significantly reduces the impact noise. Impact noise is created through walking on a flooring, and this noise being transmitted into the room below through the bare concrete ceiling. Every house must meet a certain sound insulation standard (DIN 4109). A noise level of 53 dB may not be exceeded.
Higher moisture protection
PAPSILENT1200BASIC is moisture retardant with a water vapour diffusion resistance (Sd value) of more than 70 m. When used on mineral subsurfaces, almost all upper flooring manufacturers specify the use of a water vapour diffusion-reducing additional layer. Here it is differentiated between vapour retardant (Sd value between 15-100 m) and vapour blocking (Sd value >100 m). These prevent residual moisture existing in the substructure from riding, and therefore damage to the upper floor covering. Wooden coverings (this also includes laminates) react sensitively to moisture.
Optimally suited for your hydraulic underfloor heating
The PAPSILENT1200BASIC insulation underlay distinguishes itself - due to its composition and high density - through a uniquely high thermal conductivity and a minimal thermal resistance. It is therefore optimally suited for underfloor heating (hydraulic systems). Due to the popularity of laminates and parquet floor coverings, it is urgently necessary, in terms of efficient energy use, to furnish these with underlays which do not prevent heat transfer from heated screeds to the surface of the floor covering.
Thanks to the use of PAPSILENT1200BASIC insulation underlay, heating energy savings of more than 5% (in comparison to 3 mm PE foam) can be achieved. The desired surface temperature of the floor covering is achieved up to four times quicker thanks to the thermal transmission (than with conventional 2.2 mm PS foam). The room becomes warm significantly quicker.
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is TÜV-certified for Quality
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